Quant-UX makes it simple to understand user behavior.

Our visual analytics help you understand how your users interact with your design.

Why Quant-UX?

We believe that you can only create an outstanding user experience if you test early and often. With every test, your learn more about the behavior of your users. You understand what they like, what are their preferences and if your design works for them.

Therefore we created Quant-UX. Quant-UX makes it incredible simple to test your designs and get valuable learnings in short time.

With Quant-UX you can prototype your idea, test it with real users and analyze the interaction to better understand your audience.


Use the analytic canvas to get insights into the user's interaction. Heatmaps will tell you where the users have clicked, how much time they have spent on a screen or if they have scrolled to the right place.

User Journey

The visualization of the user journey is one of the best tools to understand the user behavior. It also helps you uncover usability problems by making it easy to find outliers.


Quant-UX automates the conversion analysis. Success rates and other KPIs are automatically extracted from the test data.


The task dashboard shows the most important key performance indicators (KPI) at a single glance. Review the overall test coverage and how many testers have already tried your prototype. You can also analyze the task performance and understand if the design is suitable for your audience or not.

A / B Testing

You can create alternative versions of a prototype and run an A / B to compare them. Choose the better version and create an improved version and benchmark it again.

Visual Designer

Use the powerful visual editor to create your interactive prototypes. Simply create screens and add UI elements. Style the elements with the full power of CSS3 and visually model the interaction.

Rich Element Palette

Quant-UX ships with a rich palette of ready to use elements, so you don't have to design them by yourself. All elements are interactive and fully functional. A DropDown simply works, no need to model an animation. Quant-UX offers currently WireFrame, IOS, Android, OpenUI5 and Bootstrap elements.


Use our Animation Composer to create stunning animations. Animate screen transitions and widgets to make your prototypes feel more realistic.


Quant-UX supports form validation. You can mark fields as required or specify valid inputs, such as email or phone number. You can also specify error labels the are only shown in case of validation problems.

Logic Flows

Model your business logic with logic flows and create simple rules to decide how the user navigates through your prototype.


Share your designs and prototypes with your colleagues and shareholders. Simply send a "Share Link" and receive instead feedback. You can also add and remove team members with different permissions to your projects.


You prefer to create your designs with other tools? No problem! Simply import your image files (.png, .jpg, .psd) by dropping them on the canvas. Afterwards you can define the interaction in minutes.

Interactive Prototypes

All your prototypes are fully interactive. All screen elements, such as text boxes, are fully functional. This allows you to go beyond simple "Click Dummies" and explore in detail how your users would interact with your application!

Screen Recordings

Quant-UX creates a Screen Recordings for every user test that takes place. Quant-UX does not require a browser plugin or any kind of other software to be installed on the testers machine. Simply send the "Test Link" and everything works automatically!


You can test your prototypes directly on your phone by scanning a QR code. This allows your testers to get a realistic impression of the app.

Quant-UX is awesome and free!