Prototype, Test and Learn

Understand your users and create the perfect user experience!

Design in minutes

Use the visual editor to create your interactive prototypes in minutes without writing one line of code.

Design your prototypes by simply adding screens, elements and images. You can use the full power of CSS3 for styling and add screen transitions and animations.

Test with real users

All prototypes are fully functional. They behave like a real application. You can enter data, interact with the UI elements and navigate between the screens. Once your design is ready, simply share a link with your testers. They can test the design remotely, even on their smartphones by simply scanning a QR-code.

Analyse and Learn

The user interaction during a test is recorded and analyzed in real time. Quant-UX will extract all relevant information and key performance indicators and visualize them in form of beautiful charts and heatmaps. You can also review screen recordings without any plugins.


Share your wireframes with your stakeholders, with a shareable link! Try out!


Quant-UX amplifies your productivity and allows you to import design from your tool of choice. You can import images (JPG, PNG and PSD) by simply dropping them in the canvas.

Quant-UX is awesome and free.
Start understanding your users now!